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December 11 2014


December 10 2014


GameYan – Newly Launched Website by Yantram Animation Studio

Yantram Animation Studio are proud to announce our newly designed website “GameYan” – 3D Character Modeling and Game Development Studio that provides variety of 3D characters for games, animation movies and advertisement. 

November 25 2014


November 23 2014


November 22 2014


Are you launching a New Product? Or Have a nice Product Concept?

Whether you are having nice product concept or you would like to launch new product into the market. Animation Video Production is the best to convince you potential buyer and investor.

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Yantram Studio: Virtual Reality Immersive Solutions

In a VRE (Virtual Reality Environment), we experiences a immersion, or the feeling of going inside and be a part of that world. We are also able to interact with his environment in the meaningful ways.

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November 17 2014


VIRTUAL (Interactive) 3D FLOOR PLAN – Best Property Marketing Tool

Before coming to Interactive visualization and 3D Interactive Floor Plan and Virtual Reality Technology in the real estate business. Yantram Studio would like to enlighten the area of 3D Floor Plan.

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November 15 2014


November 13 2014


November 12 2014


3D Product Modeling and Animation Studio

Whatever is the product or from any industry we develop photo realistic 3d model and animation for it.

November 11 2014


Animation Video Production – Yantram 3D Studio

Yantram is the most prefer studio for animation video production for corporate video, product promotion, whiteboard animation, marketing videos and info graphics video production for any business!


360 Panoramic Tour

Visualize & Design your interior with us and get realistic HD visuals deliverables in 3D Rendering – CGI Design & Animation.

November 10 2014


Virtual Reality Immersive Application Development & Solutions – YantramStudio

YantramStudio provides virtual reality solution covering of Immersive, Non – Immersive, Oculus RIFT, Kinect DK2, Mixed Reality (AR, VR) for business and games.


Augmented Reality Application/Apps Development & Solution by AR Developers of YantramStudio

Yantram's Augmented Reality App Developers provide one stop solution whether you required for Android, iOS or any other mobile or touch screen application for any industry.

November 08 2014


3D Walkthrough Animation & Virtual Tour by YantramStudio

Whether it is residential, commercial or industrial property we are providing 3d walkthrough virtual animation tour for all industries across the globe.

November 06 2014


3D Floor Plan Design & Interactive 3D Floor Plan

Get your 3D CGI or Interactive Floor Plan, Site Plan and Section Plan; we can deliver it with landscape and Wall Cut view as well.

November 04 2014


Interior 3D Rendering – CGI Design & Animation

Visualize & Design your interior with us and get realistic HD visuals deliverables in 3D Rendering – CGI Design & Animation


Exterior Architectural 3D Rendering – CGI Design

Get HD Quality Exterior Architectural 3D Rendering – CGI Design with YantramStudio and visualize your property before it built.

November 03 2014


Yantram Studio – 3D Architectural Animation, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Apps Development

Yantram Studio specialized in 3D Architectural Rendering, Interior Design, Floor Plan – 3D Interactive, Walkthrough Animation, and Virtual Reality (Interactive Virtual Tour Application) & Augmented Reality Apps Development.
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